Clothing your baby

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One of the most frequent gifts given at baby showers would have to be baby clothes. This has come about through many of the guests at showers being parents themselves and knowing how much money can go on clothes for a new baby. There is a fairly obvious reason why this kind of spending becomes necessary – babies grow quickly, and that means outgrowing their old clothes. The expense that can result from this means that the new parent can often be looking at a fairly frightening addition to their monthly budget. Child benefit was designed for this very reason.

Clothing for babies is a huge industry all by itself, and as a new parent you will quickly become aware just how frequently the baby clothing manufacuturers think you need to re-clothe your child. There are many reasons why you should think twice before following their wishes – not least the fact that they are exploiting a need for their own financial gain. If you can re-use clothes from a previous child, there is no reason not to. If your friends bestow new clothes on you as a gift, thank them profusely. They understand how much it can take to keep a baby in new clothes.

Asking your own parents how they managed is also never a dumb idea. Think about it – you have reached the point where you have been able to bring a child into the world, so they obviously did OK themselves. They know a lot, and although you may want to do things your way, they will want the best for their grandchild, and will be of endless help to you.

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