The right clothes

Put Baby to Sleep

There is an entire industry devoted to baby clothing, and it goes without saying that it does a lot of business given the numbers of babies born to new parents every day around the world. As a new parent, you will naturally want to do everything right, so the question of how to clothe your baby in a way that benefits them will be one of the many at the forefront of your mind. That you are thinking in such a way reflects good parenting instincts on your part, so you are doing things in the right way. And usually, following your instincts will be a good idea.

There is really no way to be absolutely 100% sure about everything before you do it, but there are without doubt certain conventions which, if followed, will increase your chances of getting things right. Apart from anything else, you need to make sure that your baby’s clothes are the right size. Too loose and they will lose out on the warmth which the clothes are designed to give. Too tight and your baby will be uncomfortable – plus you will need to change their clothes more frequently as they outgrow them. Somewhere in between is the best answer.

This is why, at an early stage, it can be highly beneficial to have the good fortune to inherit some older baby clothes. As long as they are clean, they present no health risk, and they will enable you to get a measure of what kind of clothes you will need to buy for your child when you inevitably need to do so.

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